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SquadMind Global Ltd. is more than an organization. It’s a set of ideas, belief and dream of the members of it which they are determined to achieve in a respectable manner.
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We are Trusted in home and abroad

"SquadMind Global Ltd. is more than an organization. It’s a set of ideas, belief and dream of the members of it which they are determined to achieve in a respectable manner."
"SquadMind Global Ltd. pledges to serve maintaining the highest standard that will fulfill the needs of its clients effectively and efficiently. Our commitment is an unique experience you can have."
Tanzin Sultana Priyanka
Director, Accounts & Finance
"Regardless the scale, our service will always remain same for our esteemed clients and we are determined to astonish them with our world class logistics and professional team."
Kazi Fatema Shaznin
Director, Administration
"We stay awake to take care of your executions so that you can have a sound sleep without any worries. Our team, no matter what time it is, will keep you posted about the progress and wrap things up in time without failure."
Md. Tariqul Islam Shojib
Director, Marketing & Operations
"Generating out of the box ideas is a key element to gain the attention of your target audiences. The minds of SquadMind members are full of ideas that you would love to hear about."
Mehedi Hasan Tonou
Director, Art & Creative
"There is a saying, if people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. SMG family and its members has no doubt on their ability and capacity and this will take us a long way In-sha-Allah."
Rakibul Alam Limon
Honorable Advisor
"I believe it will be an interesting journey for SquadMind Global Ltd. Youths can achieve whatever the aim for and the dreamers of the organization has larger plan to contribute to various business segments with their team efforts as well as to the community and people."
Rumana Bintay Hye
Honorable Advisor
"The secret of getting ahead is getting started, this has been the motto of SMG since its inception. We believe in excellence and we won’t stop unless we set a benchmark in the sectors we are working on."
A.N.M Quyyum
Honorable Advisor
"We aim to provide services to both domestic and international clients through flawless operation so that they get soothing as well as satisfying experiences. We not only promise our clients but also make the promises happen through our dedicated squadmembers who are operating in both national and international levels."
Kamrul Hassan Sunon
International Affiliate, UK
"Putting efforts with a team of people is better than playing solo in most of the cases. The business segments SquadMind Global Ltd. will work on, couple of them has high potential considering the bi-lateral business relation between Bangladesh & Canada. Watch it, great things are coming in future."
Moinul Alam
International Affiliate, Canada
"Appreciation from a client just don’t come so easily. It has to be earned and tremendous effort and sleepless nights make that happen. Team SMG has absolutely no objection to do all that is needed in order to earn it."
Kaji Tamanna Keya
International Affiliate, USA